Direct Instruction/Systematic Prompting (DI/SP) Procedures

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What are Direct Instruction/Systematic Prompting (DI/SP) procedures?

Direct instruction/systematic prompting (DI/SP) procedures are effective procedures that can result in quick learning and few errors.

When should I use DI/SP procedures?

  • DI/SP procedures areeffective for teaching discrete skills like naming letters or letter sounds, reading words, naming objects or pictures, and pointing to objects or pictures. They have also been used to teach chained skills, like putting materials in a cubby, putting on or taking off a coat, or washing hands.
  • Research on DI/SP procedures has been conducted in one-to-one settings and in small group settings.

What are the DI/SP procedures most relevant to early childhood settings?

Where can I find additional resources regarding prompting procedures?

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